Buy SMS Text Credits

Buy SMS Text Message Credits for use with the following software:

Business Accounts
Landlord 5
Property Manager 7

Once we have received your order the credits will be credited to your account.

Please enter your EZPZ Account Code before clicking the 'Add to basket' button. Without your Account Code we cannot credit your account with the text credits.

If you do not already have an SMS Text Messages account with us please call (01709) 878828 to request one. There is no charge for setting up an account.

100 text credits

£8.50 + VAT


500 text credits

£37.50 + VAT


1,000 text credits

£70.00 + VAT


5,000 text credits

£325.00 + VAT


10,000 text credits

£550.00 + VAT


All prices are subject to change without notice. Where not already included, VAT is charged at the standard rate.

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