home accounts 4

home accounting and personal finance software

Home Accounts 4: home accounting and personal finance software

Home Accounts 4 lets you create unlimited records for bank accounts, credit cards, assets, investments and liabilities that together are used to calculate your Net Worth at any given moment in time.

With Home Accounts 4 you can create unlimited income and expense categories, that in turn can have unlimited sub-categories, which are used to identify where your income comes from and what it is being spent on!

Home Accounts 4 lets you see historically what you spent your money on and set budgets for future spending to help you manage your finances.

Home Accounts 4 uses the same accounting principles found in more expensive business accounting software, but has been specifically written for recording personal finances.

Although Home Accounts 4 is not recommended by us for business use, since it has no sales or purchase ledgers or VAT recording, it is used by several of our business customers as a simple cash accounting system. It is also being used for club and church accounts.

Home Accounts 4 is a desktop application that works on any PC running Windows® (including Windows® 10). It is suitable for use on a single computer or on a local area network with the data shared. It is not designed to work with web-based data.

Product features


  • •  Create unlimited bank, credit card, asset and liability accounts
  • •  Create unlimited sub-accounts for any account
  • •  Foreign currency bank accounts
  • •  Bank reconciliation
  • •  Automated entries
  • •  Reports


  • •  Create unlimited income and expense categories
  • •  Create unlimited sub-categories for any category
  • •  Analyse your income and spending by category
  • •  Reports


  • •  Set monthly budgets
  • •  Spending Tracker
  • •  Compare actual spending with budgets
  • •  Forecast bank balances based on historical spending


  • •  Works with Windows® XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
  • •  Output reports to PDF, Excel and Word
  • •  Create multiple datasets
  • •  User accounts with access control
  • •  Create reminders for just about anything
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