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inventory software for the pc

Home Inventory: home inventory software for the PC

Home Inventory lets you record details of all the items in your household, room by room, including details of when and where purchased and their current value.

Home Inventory lets you add descriptions of items, including notes on condition and distinguishing features, and one or more pictures in case they are ever lost or stolen.

You can see at a glance what your household contents are worth enabling you to insure them for the correct amount.

Home Inventory is a desktop application that works on any PC running Windows® (including Windows® 10). It is suitable for use on a single computer or on a local area network with the data shared. It is not designed to work with web-based data.

Product features

Inventory items

  • •  Record detailed information about the items you own
  • •  Record purchase details and current value
  • •  Allocate items to rooms for easy checking
  • •  Store one or more pictures for every item
  • •  Reports


  • •  Store details of your insurance policies
  • •  Automatic reminders when renewalsare due
  • •  Value your household inventory for insurance purposes
  • •  Reports


  • •  Record contacts such as insurance companies, retailers, electrician, solicitor, etc.
  • •  Record address and up to 4 telephone numbers
  • •  Record email address and web site


  • •  Works with Windows® XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
  • •  Output reports to PDF, Excel and Word
  • •  Create multiple datasets
  • •  User accounts with access control
  • •  Create reminders for just about anything
Create unlimited inventory records for all the items you own